Smoking Habit BBQ offers the real barbecue experience

Their smokers address issues of conservation because they use a limited amount of resources


Cullinary artists are constantly searching for new and better canvases on which to create more masterpieces.

To that end, the locally made Smoking Habit BBQ chain smokers are revolutionising the barbecue experience. They are Batswana manufacturers of barbecue chain smokers for preparing lasting meals that foodies will savour long after the last dish and napkin have been removed.

“We saw a gap in the manufacturing sector and decided to make our own contribution by bringing smokers made and branded by Batswana in Botswana,” said co-founder of Smoking Habit BBQ, Daniel Manqadi, in an interview.

“In addition to Smoking Habit BBQ creating employment, our smokers address issues of conservation because they use quite a limited amount of resources. Just a bag of charcoal can smoke for six to eight hours, and you can imagine how much you are saving compared to a normal braai stand that also contributes to deforestation.”

With the current high inflation in the wake of COVID-19 and now the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Manqadi said their smokers are a cheaper energy source for use in industry and by ordinary people at home. Production of the smokers started last month and is currently on a small scale because of financial constraints due to a lack of funding.
“The smokers cook beautifully and conserve fuel,” said Manqadi. “Using our products to prepare food is a new lifestyle, and so we have to teach people how it works. Right now we do not have any demographic target and cater for all.”

The drum smoker is simply a steel barrel retrofitted to function as a smoker. They have different applications and can cook mapakiwa, serobe, pizzas, grill all kinds of meats and even boil water on.

Smoking Habit BBQ has a small version of is 100-litre drums and a bigger version of 200-litre drums. Both have two layers to enable cooking several things at the same time. The smaller smoker is suitable for small families or someone starting a business.

Said Manqadi: “We have already tested out our smokers at the recent Pigs on Fire event at Jarateng Pub and Grill where we served bottomless pork, much to the delight of patrons.”
“We will also be firing up the smokers this weekend at the Birds on Fire event where we will be serving chicken and other bird meat that you can eat at Jarateng. We are relatively cheaper at P1 500 per smoker while other brands are going for three times this price.”