The Best of Botswana Beef Served By Chef Seeletso

Celebrity chef gives international guests a taste of Botswana beef that invokes memories of a conversation that he had with the King of Sweden about the delectation that the sovereign and his bride enjoyed on their honeymoon in Kasane. Staff Writer GOSEGO MOTSUMI reports

International guests and Batswana were in for a treat this past week at the Botswana Travel and Travel Expo in Kasane when renowned Poland-based Motswana chef, Joseph Seeletso,
prepared a beef fillet using the best of Botswana’s beef.
Characterised by his larger-than-life persona, the famous chef was in his native country, courtesy of Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO) Botswana Meat Commision (BMC). “Gastronomic tourism is quite popular today,” Seeletso said.
“It is a type of tourism that is based on visiting food producers, food festivals, restaurants and special places in order to taste a special type of food, watch a food being produced or to eat a food cooked by a famous chef.”

Beef fillet
Playing a critical role in the popularisation of food culture, Seeletso demonstrated the skill of
cooking a beef fillet steak, much to the delight of his guests. The celebrity chef chose very tender beef
fillet to demonstrate his skills. He started off by peeling the skin off so that the fillet would not be too tough to cook.
“I have also noticed that we have morula pulp, which I will be using to marinate the fillet,” he explained. “The
morula pulp is mixed with soy sauce and mustard to mix the sweet and sour tastes.
“I left the fillet to marinate for 30 minutes at room temperature before frying it on a pan. When it comes to Botswana beef, we don’t usually need much marinade and instead use salt
and pepper and you are good to go.”

Roasted ribs for flavour
In addition to the beef fillet, Seeletso added the ribs which were roasted for 30 minutes to build the flavours of the beef. “While I would love to serve it with fermented porridge or the superfood that is sorghum, I will
be serving the beef pieces with butternut ,which is another great pairing,” he said.
Patrons got to experience the taste of Botswana beef, which represents the dreams and hopes of a nation to captivate the world with its cattle produce that is organic and cared for in a free-range environment.
“If you have never tried Botswana beef, know that it is indeed the best beef,” Seeletso stated matter-of-factly.
“I remember years ago when I cooked for the royal house in Sweden, the King
told me that he remembered eating the best beef in Botswana many years ago when he and his bride were on their honeymoon here in Kasane.”