Touch Motswak Tswak drops Motho Yo Motona

Motswako veteran Touch Motswak Tswak last week released a brand new single aptly titled Motho Yo Motona which is precursor to his forthcoming album titled, “THE HSTLR” set to be released mid August 2018.
“I worked with my longterm producer Fella on producing, mixing and mastering Motho Yo Motona ,” he said further explaining that the song is a kasi ode to the guy we perceive as big brother or “groot man” in the community.
“This song celebrates brotherhood from a comedic perspective. Even though we are not blood related, we all have that big brother who is either always funny, too serious or always blunders but still we accept and appreciate him as family,” Touch explained.
The song draws from the popular urban expression “Motho yo motona ke motho yo motona” which celebrates the idiosyncrasies of the hood hero.