In a bid to revive the golden years of traditional music, former radio personality and businessman Losika ‘Luzboy’ Seboni will host the 19th Traditional Music Expo.
Slated for the 1st December at BotswanaCraft, patrons are expected to come decked out in cultural attire to celebrate the rebirth of commercial traditional music in Botswana.
“Nineteen years ago, I worked for Yarona FM,” Seboni told Time Out. “I loved traditional music and was advocating for it to be played on radio.

Urban meets Traditional
“That is where the revolution started. It was during that time that the music form rose to dizzying heights and became so phenomenal that each year we celebrate this great genre.”
Themed “Urban Meets Traditional Music,” this year’s event features a healthy mix of new artists such as Dilo Makwati Dance Troupe, Ubuntu Band who will perform alongside Maritalekoma Choir, Abed, Tripple R, Boroko Kgoo, Bangu and the legendary Dr Vom.
“ATI is the showstopper because he sings a lot of Setswana and his lyrical content is poetic,” Seboni noted.

“This year local music needs to be celebrated and this event also presents a chance for the corporates to enjoy these performances in a small intimate setting because BotswanaCraft’s capacity is 250 people.”

“I usually attend the Kuru Cultural Fest, Dithubaruba and the President’s Day Competitions to identify new and upcoming artists.”


State of traditional music
While it was thought that the period 2006 to 2010 would herald a new dawn for local music, especially traditional music, to hold its own against music from anywhere in the world, the period faded out quickly.

Seboni emphasised that other than national broadcaster on RB1, to-date traditional music doesn’t enjoy much airplay.

“The status of Botswana’s music industry is deplorable because the industry was closed and it’s been a real struggle for a music genre that has been trying to grow and regain its momentum,” he said.

He added that in the past he and others did their bit to expose the genre to the corporate world and foreign missions in Botswana to work with the artists. Their mission has been fruitful as traditional groups began to travel across the world to showcase their cultural offering.

“Many people are hoping for a rebirth of commercial traditional music of Botswana and our platform is doing just that,” Seboni said.


Tickets are going for P800 per person and P8000 for a table of 10 to the event that will start at 6pm at BotswanaCraft in Gaborone on 1st December.
All the ticket holders will get to enjoy a meal of traditional at the expo.