Tefo Pheage

A partner in the controversial World Oath company which has been doing business with the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS), William Mabengano is fed up with what he claims has been a ‘use and dump’ modus operandi by the Directorate of Intelligence and wants the nation to know the truth behind the feud.

In a two hour long interview with this publication, he detailed their story with DISS and the long list of the covert services they have been rendering to the intelligence services as well as the assignments they have been requested to carry out by other law enforcement agencies at the advise of DISS.

“We have been protecting the country,the President and running Magosi’s personal missions,only to be dumped like a flu cough,” he exclaimed in a recorded interview.

Mabengano started: “We did everything for the incompetent DISS. We protected the President and carried out assignments to protect the First Lady. I am the one who alerted the State about Masisi’s assassination plot and everything to do with it. We even implemented Magosi’s missions including personal ones.Our law enforcement agencies,police and CID depends on us on their murder and rape cases to track and profile culprits.All these agencies paid us but Magosi always treats us like trash.We are in debts because of DISS. I have been tortured and arrested because of the DISS and I protected them with my life where I knew making revelations would compromise them,” revealed the teary Mabengano who added that Magosi has messed up their lives because they are now in debts.

He continued: “He (Magosi) is so ungrateful. Even when his phone was missing he ran to me and I tracked and found it because a bunch of those guys at DISS know nothing except to arm twist suspects into submission.The DISS shines through us. I got their files and memory sticks here,all seeking help but I have not been making noise about it because we treated their leader like our father, given his position in the society.”

According to Mabengano,they have been to many countries doing work for the DISS.

“But we always see outsiders leaving our country with millions while we struggle to get even a cent.Let me tell you my guy, we are worried because Botswana’s information is all over the world.You have nothing. You are a naked country because your leaders prefer outsiders.We are so dependent on outsiders that it is scary.Your information is all over because people rely on international servers because we shun our own people,” he warned.

Mabengano showed this publication a series of communication and paperwork between them and the DIS.

” Who in their right frame of his mind refuses to pay somebody doing this sensitive work for them? ” he asked pointing to the material and request messages from Magosi who repeatedly referred to him as “my boy” as seen in the messages and recorded calls.

Magosi on several occassions applauded Mabengano for jobs well done, according to audio in possession by this publication.

Mabengano it seems, was trusted on debunking environmental behaviour, hacking and tracking as well as profiling suspects.He showed this publication loads of evidence of his links with DISS and Magosi saying he was shocked to hear the spy chief saying he doesn’t know them.

He alleged that the matter is so serious that his mother sent Magosi some messages to enquire on what was going on, but all was in vain, according to audio listened to.

“Morena Magosi and my mother know each other.They chat every now and then and when all this relationship break down was publicized, my mother asked him what was going on and he ignored her.You will remember that there were allegations that I have forged documents of a company I co-own with Temo Tau and my family was concerned and I told them everything as I am telling you now,” Mabengano revealed further adding that their sin is that they want their payment from Magosi because they are sinking in debts as a result of his defaulted promises.

” Some of these debts are not of our own making, but were committed in our quest to assist Magosi and the country,” he said.

He also said that efforts to seek mediation have failed because Magosi has resorted to monster tactics. These are in recorded audio.

“My partner Tau has been acting unusual in recent days and there are suspicions that he may have been silenced through a small cut but I dont care because I want my dues.I am not a fool.”

Mabengano says that Magosi may be all powerful but he should know that some people like him used to be this powerful but have since fallen to a sorry state of affairs.

“You don’t treat peole like that,” fumed Mabengano who also revealed that some Ministers efforts to arrest the situation did hit a snag.

He declined to make revelations on political assignments despite this reporter seeing a lot of opposing material on his desk.

“Not now my guy.I am not trying to mess up anyone’s life because most people have been good to us and we have been operating on trust and principle but if push comes to shove I will move accordingly,” he warned.

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