Botswana Dancesport Association Unveils ODC Sponsorship 


∙    Has first of what is to be an annual event slated for 1st and 2nd March

∙    Event to serve as a Break Dance qualifier for Paris Olympics

∙    SA, the Seychelles, Russia among countries expected to participate

∙    Borankana, hip-hop, tsutsube, freestyle in the mix


The Botswana Dancesport Association (BODANSA) used the official launch of the Botswana International Dancesport Grandprix Championship 2024 by unveiling a groundbreaking collaboration with Okavango Diamond Company (ODC).

The prestigious event is slated to take place on 1st and 2nd March 2024, promising a fusion of traditional and modern dances that will captivate audiences and participants alike.

It is anticipated to draw participants from several countries, including South Africa, Namibia, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, the Seychelles, Russia and Italy.

Diversity of dance forms

Speaking at the launch, BODANSA Vice President-Administration, Abednico Tshambane, expressed profound gratitude to ODC for its generous sponsorship of P136,000 that is dedicated to the success of the first Annual Botswana International Dancesport Grandprix Championship.


He emphasised the significance of the partnership, noting that the competition will showcase a rich diversity of dance forms, including traditional dances like borankana, dikhwaere, polka and tsutsube and modern styles such as hip-hop, breakdance, freestyle, and slow dance.

For his part, the Managing Director of ODC, Mmetla Masire, underscored the honour associated with sponsoring an event that epitomises core values.

Paris 2024 Olympic Games

“We are honoured to announce our sponsorship of an event that exemplifies these values to the fullest – the Botswana International Dancesport Grandprix Championship 2024,” he said.

Masire revealed that the event will serve as a Break Dance qualifier for the prestigious Paris 2024 Olympic Games, adding an extra layer of significance to the championships.

Adding to the chorus of praise of ODC at the launch, Board Member of Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC), Keenese Katisenge-Tizhani, lauded ODC for its pivotal role in sponsoring the Botswana International Dancesport Grandprix.

Full range of rough diamonds

She encouraged both ODC and BODANSA to consider forging a lasting partnership by extending their collaboration on a yearly basis.

Meanwhile, ODC is a rough diamond marketing company that is wholly owned by the Botswana Government. It offers its global customer base open access to scale supply of the full range of rough diamonds sourced from Botswana.

With access to 25 percent of Debswana’s run-of-mine production, ODC is an important supplier to the market.