Govt succumbs to Nurses P30M demands

  • Govt commits to compensate Nurses for non provision of uniform in the past
  • Defaults on P2M monthly uniform allowance deal
  • Tenders an apology to the Nurses Legal representatives-Rantao Attorneys


After a prolonged legal dispute with the nurses, the government through the directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM) has finally committed in a letter that they will pay nurses their uniform allowance dues and back pays amounting to P33.3 million for non-provision of uniform in the past.

The government has also made a written undertaking that they will from now on start paying nurses a monthly amount of P300 uniform allowance to correct the past discrepancies and injustices pertaining to nurses’ uniform allowance. The commitment will costs the over government around P2.4 million every month.

In a letter dated 22 April 2021 to the nurses lawyer, Tshiamo Rantao, the DPSM legal advisor, Tefo Bogosi says: “we, first and foremost, wish to humbly apologise for the logistical mishaps that occurred at the Ministry of Health and Wellness, which resulted in Nurses not receiving the agreed upon monthly uniform allowance of three hundred Pula
(P300.00) for the month of April 2021.”

The letter continues: “we have received reassurances from the Ministry of Health and Wellness that uniform allowance for the month of May 2021 will be paid on schedule in May 2021.

Furthermore, the uniform allowance for the month of April 2021, which are now in arreas, will be paid in May 2021.It is sincerely hoped and believed that going forward the uniform allowance will be paid on schedule.”

Advising on the contentious issue of non provision of uniform in the past, Bogosi said “as agreed, we wish to reassure you that the Ministry remains committed to effecting payment in September 2021 for compensation for non-provision of uniform in the past. It has been and still remains our intention to honour our agreement. We once again tender our apology for the mishap and request that it be not views as an attempt to derogate from our agreement.” The compensation amount owed is P33.3 million.

Reached for comment, Nurses Union President, Obonolo Rahube said they are so far happy with their engagement with the government and hope the government will honour the commitments as agreed upon.