Nata/Gweta Identifies Majaga’s Challenger

  • The son of the Kgosi of Nata, Mompati Seitiso comes with the trappings of aristocracy
  • Majaga dismisses his potential replacement as “a council-seat reject”


Although it might be too early to prepare for 2024 general elections, Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) constituents in Nata/Gweta have already identified youthful Mompati Seitiso to replace the incumbent MP, Polson Majaga, The Botswana Gazette has established.

As the son of Kgosi Rebagamang Rancholo of Nata, Seitiso comes with the trappings of royal birth. Sources close to this development say Seitiso is capable of “dethroning” Majaga and that the incumbent MP is no longer the favourite because he has shown that he does not have the interests of the constituency at heart. Perhaps most importantly, nativity is a factor in that Majaga is from Nata while Seitiso is a prince of Nata by birth.
“It is high time we send someone who originate from this constituency to Parliament because they will have our best interests at heart, unlike the incumbent MP who originates from Tutume,” said a source. “Seitiso might be youthful but his leadership qualities and educational background speak volumes. Besides that, what frustrates the constituents even more is that Majaga’s political career has been surrounded by scandals, the latest being one of allegations of defilement.”

Majaga has been the subject of several controversies, including allegations of stock theft, threat to kill and a notorious defilement case from which he was eventually absolved for lack of evidence. The MP of Nata/Gweta has consistently maintained all the cases were the result of a political witch hunt by his opponents.
Seitiso has confirmed that he has been approached by “constituency elders” about running in the BDP primaries for 2024. “I can confirm that I have been approached by many elders about me representing the constituency in Parliament,” he told The Gazette. “Some came from Tsokotshaa over the weekend. Their reasons are that they want someone with vibrant ideas and initiatives for the constituency. They say I am just such a person.”
Reached for comment, Majaga responded: “If Seitiso is sent by the party leadership, let it be so. It does not bother me that Seitiso is the son of the Kgosi. I do not have the time to talk much because I am busy with Kgotla meetings. What I know is that he is a council-seat reject.”