Nonofo Molefhi On Shaky Ground Ahead Of Bdp Elective Congress

Former Cabinet minister Nonofo
Molefhi is unlikely to gain the
support of his region Bobonong,
Mmadinare and Selebi-Phikwe (BOMA-
SE) ahead of the Botswana Democratic
Party (BDP) elective congress scheduled
for August this year.
This comes after Molefhi revealed that
he will challenge the current party chair-
man who is also the Vice President Slum-
ber Tsogwane.
BOMASE regional Secretary Godfrey
Mbaiwa told The Botswana Gazette in an
interview that although Molefhi has in-
formed them of his interest to contest for
the party chairmanship position through a
text message that was sent to the regional
committee WhatsApp group, delegates
will be at liberty to choose and elect their
preferred candidate.
“It is true that Molefhi has notified us
as a collective through social media that
he intends to contest for the party chair-
manship seat. He is one of us but accord-
ing to our system and constitution it does
not mean that we will support a person
from day one,” he said.
He highlighted that it will lie with the
elected regional delegates to cast a vote
on whoever fits their preferable descrip
“We conducted our regional congress
last month and the elected delegates will
bear the sole responsibility to elect their
preferred candidates. Mbaiwa said it is
also early days since Molefhi has made
a declaration.”
“As of now we only know the Vice
President Tsogwane as party chairman,
so candidates are just candidates,” added
Mbaiwa. He stated that they remain open
to all candidates contesting different po-
sitions to approach them. Meanwhile,
Molefhi also confirmed to The Botswana
Gazette that he will be contesting the
chairmanship race.
“I have informed both the leadership of
the party and my region of the decision
that I have taken ahead of the congress,”
he said. He said he now intends to engage
various structures to seek support adding
no one has joined his lobby yet.
“I will now be drumming up for sup-
port and possibly engaging those seeking
to work with me to compose a team,” said
Molefhi. Molefhi said he remains open to
anyone within the party seeking to work
with him ahead of the congress.
On the other hand, Political analyst Ke-
aoleboga Dipogiso said it is important to
first note that every member of an orga
nization, in good standing, is at liberty to
contest for positions adding that in this
case, it is the membership of the party
that will decide their preference at the
“However, this is not just an election.
It comes at a time when the party faces
various tests of governance and a high
rate of incidence of deep state controver-
sies. The Congress elections will either
pass confidence on the incumbent party
leader, assert their grip on the party or

simply rock their boat. Remember that
this is probably the first time that the party
does not have an open influence and con
trol over the Khama dynasty, which acted
as stabilizing forces. Hence it may expe-

rience shocks and surprises regarding who becomes the
new hegemony in the party,” said Dipogiso.
He also said the joining in the race by Molefhi should
not be taken lightly saying that he is a candidate whose
name has been taunted by the Botswana Patriotic Front
(BPF) folk.
“As I said in the past, in the BDP there still exists rem
nants of the past regime, who are still inclined to the former
President. As to what he may do to win elections, I think
it is common cause that he must appeal to the structures of
the party. He can only win elections when he is popularly
accepted within the structures, such that the congress del-
egates will prefer him over other contestants. The same
applies to the competitor,” he said.
Dipogiso said on the other hand current party chairman
Slumber Tsogwane must embrace the challenge as an op-
portunity to test his popularity within the party.
This will be the second time Molefhi will seek to contest
for the seat.