PSP blasts Public Servants for poor Service Delivery

Says Batswana are unhappy with non-delivery of the public service
Calls Permanent Secretaries to ensure result-oriented approaches

The Permanent Secretary to the President, Emma Pelo-
etletse, has excoriated public servants for their poor
work ethic and attitudes in the workplace and called
them to up their game because Batswana are not happy with
their non-delivery.

Addressing senior public servants at a Performance Man-
agement Retreat of the Ministry of State President, Peloetle-
tse said there is need for target-based interventions to measure
progress and success and result-oriented performance based
and customer-focused systems of values in the workplace.
“As a civil servant, you must strive to leave a legacy to your
name,” she said. “Batswana are unhappy with the public ser-
vice’s non-delivery and it is you Permanent Secretaries who
can change this perception.”

To that end, Peloetletse challenged Permanent Secretaries
as heads of ministries to tighten the ropes to ensure that ser-
vice delivery and proper attitudes in the workplace are prioritised.
The PSP further called for strategic ways of doing business
in the post-COVID period because the pandemic has done a
lot of harm to the way the government has been doing business.

The purpose of the retreat was to align rationalisation of
the public service implementation machinery to the national
transformation agenda in order to ensure smooth transition to
new mandates.

For this to be realised, Peloetletse said unity and client-cen-
tred approaches of doing business to support the country’s
goal of becoming a high-income country economy are necessary.

The retreat was themed Reclaiming Implementation Excel-
lence and was aimed at creating a shared understanding of the
goals of the government rationalization, among other aims.