Sebina Brothers To Sue DISS

  • Sebina brothers demand Public apology from DISS
  • Demand a public retraction from the DISS
  • Posit that they have suffered integrity and business as a result of DISS linking them to criminal activitiess


The Sebina brothers have issued the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Service (DISS) with a notice of intention to sue following their recent victory in court after DISS unsuccessfully linked them to former head of the Directorate of Intelligence and Services, Isaac Kgosi, and his alleged crimes.

The Sebina brothers say they suffered humiliation as a result of the attempt by DISS and demand several millions in damages and a public retraction of all the insinuations the DISS peddled about them which have caused harm to their integrity and business.

One of the two brothers, Kegone, confirmed this turn of events in a brief interview but will not go into details suggesting that the matter is handled by their lawyer, Mompati Sepego of Sepego Legal Practice who is handling the case with Unoda Mack of Mack Bahuma attorneys. DISS has already been served with the notice and both parties are still considering the issue which insiders say is headed for a showdown in court.

In February 2020, the court ordered DISS to immediately return all property and documents it had seized from the brothers and set aside the warrant of search and seizure it had issued in February last year after the two brothers approached the court for the purpose. They acted this way after the head of DISS, Director General Peter Magosi, submitted in court that the brothers had illegal dealings with Kgosi. Magosi had further told the court that they were investigating a security threat incident after Kgosi allegedly threatened to topple government.

Based on these submissions, the court issued a search and seizure warrant against companies owned by the Sebina brothers, Tshepho Tile Products (TTP), Estate Construction and Estate Property.

Extension 2 “The court has been kept in the dark about the progress of the case a year later,” Magistrate Queen Moanga said when she ruled in favour of the Sebina brothers. “There is no information about how the documents seized will assist the investigation, all the court has been told is that investigations are ongoing.

“What is the link to the security threat? The applicants have stipulated the inconvenience they have suffered but there is still no inventory provided to the court. Why is the DISS concealing information from the court?”

The magistrate also excoriated DISS for trespassing. “The warrant did not say DISS should go to the bank accounts owned by the applicants,” she said.