Still No Date For Khama’s Return

  • His private office says Khama has not communicated about his return
  • Has told his foundation “he will return sooner than later”


It is still anybody’s guess when former president Ian Khama will return to the country after he suddenly left for South Africa over two weeks ago, both his private office and his foundation have said.

Khama controversially left for South Africa on 2 November for unspecified reasons. Initially his departure was believed to have been prompted by a search and seizure warrant that was awarded to the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) over alleged missing firearms belonging to the state. However, the SKI Khama Foundation subsequently said he had gone on a private visit to SA where he was expected to engage in a number of meetings with family and associates.

There has been growing concern that he may not return, given the belief in certain circles that his life may be under threat in his country.

“He has not communicated when he will be back,” his private secretary, Mabedi Letsholo, told The Gazette. “He has not communicated anything with us and we are not even privy to where he is but what we know is that he is in good health.”

News that Khama is in SA where he is meeting with family and friends came from the CEO of SKI Foundation, Mogomotsi Kaboyamodimo. “We did clarify that the former president is in South Africa where he is meeting with friends and family,” Kaboyamodimo said. “We did state he will be back once he is done with these meetings.”

Pressed further, he added: “We do not have a return date. As I said, we expect him to return once he is done with those meetings. He has said that he will return sooner than later. Once he gives a date we will communicate.”

This publication was able to reach out to Khama, and his response was that: “I am finalizing consultations and some outstanding meetings, once done I will return soon. Had it not been for those commitments I would have returned last week,” Khama responded.

Meanwhile, DISS is reportedly in the process of appealing Justice Ranier Busang’s decision not to grant them a search and seizure warrant for one of Khama’s residences.
The case is expected to be launched before the Court of Appeal (CoA) before the end of next week.