Copywriting: It’s not just words

The core element of marketing is communication, and all of its components revolve around reaching an audience through a variety of channels, platforms and strategies.
The messaging itself is the part of this communication that is most undervalued. An essential component of marketing communications is copywriting, which includes the tone, messaging, word choice and the vernacular.

It is among the most crucial components of all marketing and advertising strategies. Messaging should be clear and accurate when making advertisements or developing content strategies so that the target audience is not left in the dark.

It is challenging but crucial to write copy that captivates and engages the target audience with the right messaging.

With every company is pursuing the digital route, more brands are increasing their online activity. This implies that a lot of content is created in an effort to sell goods and services, and consumers are inundated with a wide variety of content in the process. Copywriting is useful in this situation to set a brand apart from the competition.

Excellent copywriting abilities will persuade, educate and communicate with readers, encouraging them to take action by purchasing the good or service. Therefore, all marketers must possess the ability to write effective copy.

In order to achieve this, they must understand that the consumer must be at the centre of the narrative by tailoring the content to the customer’s desires. Customers appreciate communicating with brands that share their beliefs and values. It is the brand’s duty to make that alignment clear to them.

The benefits to customers and how the product or service relates to their daily life must therefore always be emphasised in the content

Moreover, different kinds of advertising and/or content require a different copy approach, and the foundation of effective marketing copywriting is storytelling—painting pictures, establishing the stage, and leading the reader on journeys

Copywriting Tips

  •  Always assume the customer is not a marketer
  • Make your ad copy/content as clear as possible
  • Copy should always be aligned with the objective of the content
  • Customise content for the different communication channels
  • It is not that deep. Just make sure that customers understand and GET IT at first glance
  • Use a catchy call to action (CTA)
  • Amplify the value of the product/service to the customer, i.e. highlight how it is going to make their life easier or what problem it solves

Copywriting is the cornerstone of every brand touch point. It is therefore crucial to craft the perfect copy for the intended audience, distribution channel and messaging.