Botswana Life Classic Run Returns!

The Botswana Life Classic Run National Half Marathon activation was held on June 22, 2024, at Gaborone Acacia Mall. This community-centric event has been promoting health and well-being for the past 27 years as an asset of Botswana Life. In an exclusive interview, Gabriel Tlagae, Public Relations Communications and Marketing Manager for Botswana Life, shared insights into the inspiration, impact, and future plans for the marathon.


“The marathon is more than just a race; it’s a movement towards a healthier, more active lifestyle for all,” Tlagae emphasized. With the routes vetted by World Athletics affiliates and supported by the Botswana Athletics Association (BAA), the marathon stands as a testament to Botswana Life’s enduring commitment to community well-being.


A Legacy of Health and Community


Celebrating nearly three decades, the Botswana Life Classic Run National Half Marathon is more than just a race; it’s a movement towards a healthier, more active lifestyle for all Batswana. Over the years, the marathon has grown in both participation and impact, becoming a staple event in the local sporting calendar. The marathon includes several race categories, catering to different age groups and fitness levels, thus


fostering an inclusive environment for all participants.


In previous editions, the marathon has seen thousands of participants from various backgrounds, including elite athletes, amateur runners, and families. The event not only promotes physical fitness but also serves as a platform for community engagement and social interaction.


Safety and Family Engagement


Safety and participant well-being are top priorities for Botswana Life. The event features strategic partnerships with Fearless Fitness Club and Gaborone Striders, ensuring a well-coordinated and secure marathon. This year’s marathon will also include the Cadbury Kiddies Run, a 5km fun run designed for children under 12, fostering a love for fitness from a young age.


“We prioritize the safety and enjoyment for all participants, from the youngest runners to the seasoned athletes,” Tlagae stated. “Our partnerships with local organizations ensure that we can provide a safe and memorable experience for everyone.”


Pre-Race Activation and Registration


Leading up to the main event on July 21, the final pre-race activation will occur on July 6, 2024. Registration, managed through UCB Timing, includes fees set at 150 Pula for the


5km, 200 Pula for the 10km, and 250 Pula for the 21km races. Corporate packages are also available at 2500, offering a comprehensive race experience for teams.


Gabriel Tlagae urged, “Join us in this celebration of health and community. Register now and be part of the Botswana Life Classic Run Marathon. Together, we can improve lives, one step at a time.”




The Botswana Life Classic Run National Half Marathon stands as a beacon of community spirit and health promotion, bringing together individuals and families to embrace a healthier lifestyle while supporting vital local causes. The event’s enduring success is a testament to the collective effort of organizers, participants, and community partners dedicated to making a positive impact in Botswana.


For more information and to register, visit the official marathon website or contact Botswana Life directly. Registrations can be made at and the closing date for registration will be on July 12 with June 30 being the cutoff date for registrations eligible for packages with t-shirts.