Chess academy drills trainers


Local Chess academy Limitless Minds this past weekend held a refresher workshop aimed at drilling local chess instructors dealing with children that are visually impaired in Gaborone. The academy which was established this year by former Botswana Chess Federation (BCF) Public Relations Officers (PRO) Keenese Katisenge is meant to give children with disabilities (visually challenged) a chance to shine through the sport of chess.
They are currently in partnership with the Botswana Association Blind and Partially Sighted (BAPS) and the programme is undertaken in Mochudi. Over 10 trainers were inducted in the training workshop which was facilitated by FIDE Instructor (FI), FIDE Arbiter (FA) Major Ivon Makabe and International Arbiter (IA), International Organizer (IO), National Instructor (NI) Vincent Masole for the purpose of equipping them with new skills as well as improving their knowledge in the ever evolving game of chess.
“The objective of the refresher workshop is to help the trainers improve their knowledge in chess as well as learn about new developments/ training techniques,” she told Gazette Sport. “The two facilitators focused on different topics to add variety and value to the session. Major Ivon Makabe focussed on essentials of the game of chess, which covered understanding the basics, the ideas and plans behind chess openings, middle and end game. His training underlined the importance of understanding the subtle thread that runs through and unites the various phases of the game,” further said the founder.
She also revealed that instructor Masole focused on lecturing the trainers on the new set of laws that have been recently introduced by the world chess governing body. “ This was an important lesson as it helped equip the participants to re-examine and deepen their knowledge of chess. The participants appreciated the learnings and later applied them during the mini chess tournament which was hosted at the end of the event. He believe they will be able to continue applying the skills and knowledge acquired during their training sessions with the students when we resume classes after school holidays. Vincent Masole ‘s training focussed on the FIDE Laws of chess as well as equipping the participants with the knowledge to organise and run mini chess tournaments for their students for practice purposes. Fide laws of chess keep on evolving as such it is important to keep on refreshing trainers on them.,” she ended.
Meanwhile, the Debswana Chess League will be coming to an end this coming weekend after running for the past 6 months. The winners of the tournament will walk away with P15 000, trophy and gold medals. “We are awaiting to see which club will scoop the Championship. Currently according to the Log EnPassent Chess Club based here in Gaborone is in the Lead and seconded by Black Bishops Chess Club. These are all clubs made up of youth players. Some of the clubs made up of Senior players like Ice Queens and Poisonous Snakes were struggling. This is commendable for development as it shows growth within our young players. Debswana pledged to support the League Financially for the next 4 years. This will help improve development further,” reads a communication from the BCF.