GU’s Mmolawa Reflects On Winning DTCB Women’s Championship 

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  • Team GM Mmolawa notes exceptional skills, strategic planning and unwavering teamwork
  • Ontlametse Gaonyadiwe emerges Top Goal Scorer and Player of the Tournament



Gaborone United Ladies Team secured the DTCB Women’s Championship title with a commanding 8-1 victory in their final match against Tawana Top Girls FC that was played at the National Stadium in Gaborone over the weekend.

Reflecting on the team’s remarkable performance in an interview after the match, the General Manager of GU Ladies Team, Owe Mmolawa, expressed profound pride in the players’ achievements.

Team’s remarkable performance

He emphasised their exceptional skills, strategic planning, and unwavering teamwork throughout the tournament.

“Our success can be attributed to rigorous training, strategic planning and the players’ commitment to excellence,” Mmolawa said.

“Aided by our experienced coaching staff, the unity and understanding among the team members played a crucial role.”

Meticulous preparation

The road to victory was characterised by meticulous preparation and a balanced approach that focused on both offensive prowess and defensive resistance.

Mmolawa highlighted the team’s thorough analysis of opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, a strategy that enabled them to capitalise on opportunities and mitigate threats effectively.

Additionally, rigorous fitness and conditioning programmes ensured that players were in peak physical condition and ready to perform at their best.

Maintaining motivation and focus during high-stakes matches was another key aspect of the team’s success.

Positive team culture

Mmolawa underscored the importance of clear communication, continuous encouragement and fostering a positive team culture.

Mental conditioning played a vital role in helping players stay composed under pressure, ensuring that they delivered stellar performances when it mattered most.

While celebrating the team’s collective achievement, Mmolawa also acknowledged standout players whose exceptional contributions were pivotal.

“While the entire team performed exceptionally well, players like Ontlametse Gaonyadiwe stood out with her goal scoring abilities,” he noted.

He also highlighted key moments in the tournament, such as crucial moments and turning points that showcased the team’s resilience and strategic acumen.


Ambitious plans

Looking ahead, Mmolawa outlined ambitious plans to build on their current success.

“We aim to continue investing in player development, enhancing our training programmes, and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement,” he said.

He noted that analysing their performance to identify areas for growth will be key to sustaining their competitive edge in future seasons.

Mmolawa acknowledged the crucial role of the coaching staff in the team’s journey to victory.

He praised their expertise in strategy, player development and game management, which created a supportive environment for the team’s growth and success.

Beyond the field of play, Mmolawa added, the support of fans and the community played a crucial role in boosting morale and creating a positive atmosphere during matches.

He expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of the fans and emphasised the team’s commitment to giving back through performance and community outreach initiatives.

Dedicated to developing young talent

Mmolawa stated that the Gaborone United Ladies Team aims to defend their championship title and contribute to the growth of women’s football in Botswana.

He added that they are dedicated to developing young talent through robust youth programmes designed to identify and nurture future stars.

“Winning the DTCB Women’s Championship title is a significant achievement for us,” Mmolawa said. “It validates our hard work and dedication and motivates us to aim even higher in the future.”

Meanwhile, Gaborone United was awarded P250,000 for winning the title. Ontlametse Gaonyadiwe received a total of P35,000, P10,000 of it as Top Goal Scorer and P25,000 as Player of the Tournament.

Coach William Monene received P10,000 for his role in driving GU Ladies Team to the top in the DTCB Women’s Championship.