Summer Kids Fun Marathon Gears Up for Third Edition

  • Organisers are enthusiastic about “Unleashing the Smart Generation”


The founder and organiser of the Summer Kids Fun Marathon, Martin Fani, has unveiled exciting plans for the third edition that is set to take place at the Three Dikgosi Monument in Gaborone on 20 April 2024.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Fani shared insights into the thematic progression that has marked the last two editions leading to the bold declaration for this year’s theme of “Unleashing the Smart Generation.”

He reminisced about the inaugural race in 2022 where the theme was “Let the Kids Lead and Shine Bright” and the second edition in 2023 that was themed “We Are the Future.”


Now, in 2024, the focus is squarely on acknowledging and celebrating the advanced capabilities of today’s youth, boldly asserting that they are the “smart generation” poised to lead the world tomorrow.

“This generation is undoubtedly more advanced than we were at their age,” Fani asserted. “Their progress is unparalleled, and we believe in nurturing and empowering them for the future.”

What sets this year apart is introduction of innovative activities, initiatives, and campaigns that are designed to captivate the young minds eagerly awaiting the Summer Kids Fun Marathon.

Letter-writing competition 

A standout initiative is the “Write an Invite Letter to Your Friend” campaign, challenging children to articulate their excitement around the event through handwritten letters. Fani has noted that there are ongoing discussions with potential sponsors to fund this creative endeavour.

“The aim is to engage children actively in anticipation of the marathon,” he said. “We want it to be more than just a health and fitness event; we want it to be a holistic experience.”

Highlighting the significance of community involvement, Fani outlined plans for a letter-writing competition where the best entries will be selected and rewarded to further empower the “smart generation.”

An ambitious 1 000 children

While providing updates on registration, he revealed a remarkable surge in participants. With early bird registration closing on 31 December 2023, a total of 82 children have already signed up, which is a substantial increase compared to previous years.

“In our first year, we had around 266 children from a target of 250 and saw a notable increase to 540 out of a target of 500 last year,” he said with obvious enthusiasm. “This year, our target is an ambitious 1 000, and we are well on our way with 82 registrations so far.”

Campaigns and activations are underway across the country, reaching key areas like Gaborone, Lobatse, Jwaneng, Palapye, Serowe, Mahalapye, Orapa and Selibe-Phikwe.

Ongoing discussions 

Fani expressed gratitude for ongoing support from previous sponsors and revealed ongoing discussions with new potential sponsors.

He extended an appeal to the business community to support this unique initiative that is aimed at benefitting the community and fostering the growth of the “smart generation.”

“As organisers, we are doing our utmost to ensure the marathon accommodates 1 000 children and are confident that with the support of sponsors, we will make it happen,” Fani asserted.

On a philanthropic note, he teased the upcoming announcement of the chief runner and shared plans for community-focused initiatives, including cleaning campaigns in key areas like Old Naledi, Ext 27, and Mogoditshane.

Donations of dustbins 

These campaigns will not only beautify the surroundings but will also involve donations of dustbins to ensure sustainability.

Fani encouraged parents to register children, emphasising the transformative impact of participating in this life-changing initiative.

As the Summer Kids Fun Marathon gears up for its third edition, the world watches in anticipation, eager to witness the “smart generation” in action.