‘Tebogo’s Skill And Prowess Are Far Beyond His Years’ – Analyst 

He wins Botswana and Africa’s first medal in the 100m at the Senior World Championships in Hungary where he is poised to do well in the 200m, prompting sports scientist Tshepang Tshube to declare Letsile Tebogo’s achievements far beyond his age


Letsile Tebogo has secured his place in the annals of athletics history by becoming the first man from Africa to clinch a medal in the men’s 100m at the senior World Championships.

This remarkable achievement came when the wing-footed sensation claimed the silver medal, crossing the finish line in a mere 9.88 seconds. While the gold medal was secured by Noah Lyles of the United States, the photo-finish drama saw Tebogo narrowly edge out his competitors for the second-place victory.

His remarkable time is now recorded as his personal best and stands as the national record for Botswana.

World-level accolades

But Tebogo’s silver medal is not his first taste of success on the world stage. At just 20 years old, he boasts a collection of world-level accolades, including titles at the Under 18 and Under 20 levels.

His meteoric rise in the world of athletics has captured the admiration of many because his accomplishments outpace his age so far.

Professor Tshepang Tshube, a lecturer in Sports Science at the University of Botswana, commended Tebogo for his awe-inspiring performance. In a recent interview with this publication, Professor Tshube noted that Tebogo had undergone significant improvement in his start, which is a crucial element in sprint events.

For Country and Continent

The professor’s analysis revealed that Letsile’s start even surpassed that of the champion, Noah Lyles. The strength and precision of Tebogo’s start allowed him to maintain a dominant position throughout the race, leaving even the champion playing catch-up. Professor Tshube’s keen observation leads him to declare that Tebogo’s skill and prowess are far beyond his years.

Following his victorious race, Tebogo dedicated his medal to the African continent and his native country, Botswana. “This medal isn’t for me,” he said right away. “It is for Botswana and for Africa because Africa has been short of medals in men’s sprints.”

His magnanimous gesture reflects the young man’s commitment to raising the profile of African athletics on the global stage, thus bringing glory to a continent that thirsts for such achievements.

Future endeavours: The 200m race

With his astounding performance in the 100m race, anticipation mounts as the turbo-charged athlete gears up for the 200m race that will begin at 12:50hrs today (Wednesday).

Professor Tshube has confidence in Letsile’s potential in this event, believing that if he maintains the same level of performance, he has a strong chance of clinching gold in the 200m race. Again, the professor has emphasised the importance of a strong start and consistent drive to secure victory in this event.

A recap of Tebogo’s rise to stardom

Tebogo’s journey to global recognition began at the 2021 World Athletics U20 Championships in Nairobi, Kenya. Notably, Tebogo made history by becoming the first athlete from Botswana to secure gold in the 100m event on a global platform.

He subsequently demonstrated his versatility by capturing a silver medal in the 200m event.