Mo’s Open Table Is Back in Business

And it is off to a flying start offering the ultimate guest experience


After sharing the despondent news of its closure in May, local eatery Mo’s Open Table is yet again buzzing with activity in a new location quickly becoming a prime hot spot for discerning city dwellers. Strategically located in the city centre, the restaurant has found a new home at the Fairscape Precinct at Fairground in Gaborone.

“It’s refreshing to see a local eatery re-open its doors. The brand has made a good name for itself offering good food and a great ambience,” opined a patron, Thabang Seleke.
A thrilling culinary experience

Officially opened beginning of this month at the new location the restaurant is continuing its legacy of helping to cultivate a thrilling culinary scene in town and offering patrons the ultimate guest experience.

Options galore
The restaurant continues to accommodate all foodies as there is a visible attempt to be inclusive as those who love meaty offerings can choose from lamb chops, beef, ribs, Kingclip and chicken. The menu also features pasta dishes, fresh salads and stacked burgers served with lashings of style and heaps of flavour.

Tried and tested
While most restaurants always run the risk of trying to offer too much and in the process getting nothing right Mo’s eatery’s menu has been considered, tried, tested and refined. Mo’s Open Table offers so much more than just an average restaurant serving up good grub all-day long but a perfect social space with breathtaking views of the city skyscraper; the Fairscape Precinct.

The kitchen and bar has also retained its aesthetic of woody, earthy and rustic furniture before the bar catches one’s eye. The new space features a mural that makes for perfect picture moments, touches of greenery and Jonny Walker art pieces. Mo’s Open Table was launched end of last year and has not only become a popular spot but a new discovery even for some of the locals.